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A great variety of published articles Post March 16,2017

Chronologic list of articles - Jean AMIRAL

Many articles, published directly or through collaborations, and concerning the various aspects of laboratory exploration and investigation in thrombosis and hemostasis.
Important contribution to the devlopment and validation of many laboratory assays using various technologies.

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Autoimmunity associated thrombosis Post March 10,2017

Auto-antibody associated thrombosis - Publika Dev

Autoimmunity can concern various coagulation proteins, or hemostasis inhibitors, and induce adverse effects, mainly thrombosis. The most known complications concern Lupus Anticoagulant and Anti-Phospholipid-Antibodies, or drug induced antibodies, such as those targeted to heparin-PF4 complexes. Other rare auto-antibodies, ferquently associated to thrombotic complications, more rarely to bruise and bleeding, have been reported: PF4, Annexin V, prothrombin, protein S, factor XIII, etc...

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Biomarkers in thrombosis and hemostasis Post March 10,2017

Biomarkers - Publika Dev

Biomarkers allow detecting abnormal activities in blood, very early in the pathological process development. They are indicators of blood activation, which increases the risk of developping thromboembolic events. Many markers concern activation peptides, or released proteins withvery short half lives (minutes rage). The most popular thrombosis biomarker is DDimer, due to its lasting generation when fibrinoformation occurs (generated as long as clot lysis occurs, for days or weeks), and its average half life is of about 6 hours.

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Clinical applications Post May 20,2017

Clinical applications - jean amiral

The various assays devloped have contributed to some cliical studies, and helped in disease understanding or in introducing specialized diagnostic approaches.

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Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia Post March 10,2017

HIT assays - Publika Dev

Discovery of PF4 as the majortarget for heparin dependent antibodies, when complexed with heparin in 1990 (patent in 1990; ISTH congress in Amsterdam in 1991; Thrombosis and Hemostasis in 1992; many otherreports followed).

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