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Scientific Hemostasis
Expertise and know-how in thrombosis and hemostasis
Scientific Hemostasis
From the scientific understanding to laboratory applications

Technical and Scientific Expertise in Laboratory Tools for Thrombosis and Hemostasis

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Experience and achievements in many technical realizations, studies and scientific communications.

Achievements in: design, development, validation, manufacturing and promotion of a full IVDD line for exploration of hemostasis and thrombosis, and follow-up of anticoagulant or pro-coagulant treatments.
Diagnostic assays using clotting, chromogenic or immunological technologies.Scientific and technical support to drug discovery, quality control, disease biological markers and tools for clinical validation.

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Scientific and technical support for assay development and validation, method optimization, clinical studies.

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Experience in the following techniques:

Coagulation assays for global or specific hemostasis activities, using clotting triggers, deficient plasmas or purified blood proteins.
Chromogenic assays for proteins, enzymes or their inhibitors, and for measurement of drug activity in plasma.
Immunoassays using the Elisa technology, the automatex latex turbidimetry method, immuno-fluorescence, immuno-chemiluminescence.