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Technical and Scientific Expertise in Thrombosis and Hemostasis:
SH-Consulting has a full experience in supporting the development of assay methods and diagnostic devices for the exploration of thrombotic and bleeding disorders, drug monitoring, biomarkers of blood hypercoagulability, companion diagnostics, and dedicated methods for drug discovery and quality control of pro-coagulant, anticoagulant and antithrombotic medicines.

Competences and achievements

  • Scientific, Technical and Research studies in the field of Thrombosis and Haemostasis.
  • Recognized expertise at the interface of fundamental research, technologies and clinical applications.
  • Complete initiation and realization of projects, from their concept, until their technical achievement, then their clinical and scientific promotion.
  • Multicentric international studies, clinical or technical.
  • Scientific communication, networking and partnerships.
  • Redaction of scientific articles.

Experience and expertise

  • Protein purification from plasma or platelet concentrates; preparation of specific polyclonal or monoclonal antibodies;
  • Preparation of purified enzymes and immune-conjugates;
  • Preparation of recombinant proteins;
  • Development of assay methods for the various haemostasis factors, blood activation markers and autoantibodies associated with thrombosis;
  • Design of biotechnological tools for preparation of specific deficient plasmas and raw materials for manufacturing.
  • Collaborationships with basic or clinical research groups, world-wide, for running clinical and epidemiological studies. Management of clinical projects for the predictive value of early markers of cardio-vascular and thromboembolic diseases;
  • Many participations and presentations at major international congresses in thrombosis, haemostasis and fibrinolysis, and publication of papers.
  • Participation to international subcommittees.   
  • Coordination and supervision of research and collaborative studies.

Main realizations and achievements

  • Initiation, Development and Direction of the immunological department and of the scientific communication: 21 years of major contribution to the “know how” and the scientific competency of this group. Introduction of a specific line of research products, specialized reagents, and of various technologies (ELISA, Latex slide or turbidimetric assays, membrane technology, advanced biochemical and immunological reagents…), with a direct generation, in 1996, of 120 Million French Francs (about 20 Million USD) of sales. Introduction of new manufacturing technologies.
  • Original experience focused on a wide spectrum approach of thrombosis and its interactions, at the crossroads of science, technology, and clinical applications. It allowed to establish a link between various domains of expertise, and to efficiently contribute to the concept, the achievement, and the success of many research projects.
  • Author or co-author of more than 190 articles in scientific journals, and of various patents; direct or collaborative presentations of more than 350 communications at congresses; participation to scientific and standardization committees; important scientific networking in the area of haemostasis, thrombosis and related technologies.